Notes on the Obento Senior Workbook: How it all fits together!

The Obento Senior Workbook units support the themes, topics, language functions and grammar introduced in the Student Book. The Workbook is divided into 10 user-friendly units. Each unit has a Listening Section, a Reading and Writing Section and a Grammar Section.

Listening Sections

There are three listening activities based on the material recorded on the Obento Senior Audio CDs
The listening activities in the Workbook units have been designed to support specific topics introduced in the corresponding Student Book units. (The list on the following page gives match-ups between the Workbook activities and the text items from the Student Book.)

The Student Audio CD found in the Workbook contains selected recorded passages from the Student Book, allowing students to do extra listening practice at their own pace. The track list for the Student Audio CD can be found on the last page of the Workbook.

Reading and Writing Sections

Every activity in the Reading and Writing sections is directly based on a text piece from the corresponding unit in the Student Book. There are activities for every text item from the Student Book! (Page numbers are provided at the top of each activity to make the match-up simple.)

Grammar Sections
The Grammar Sections contain exercises and drills for a large number of key grammatical structures and functions from Obento Senior Student Book and Obento Senior Grammar Booklet. In keeping with Obento Senior’s key feature of flexibility, you can decide which grammar exercises to focus on at a particular point. To make your search very simple, there is a comprehensive list of items from the Grammar Sections on the following page.


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